One grey elephant balancing...
23 yrs old
Brisbane, Australia

Try to balance having fun, working hard, feeling and looking good! I want to feel proud about my body, my health and my life!

This is the end of uncontrolled & unenjoyable unhealthy eating and the start of health and fitness and being in control and proud of my body and my life.

Not much left to lose physically, but a lot to gain mentally! I am doing the Tone it Up plan at the moment and LOVING IT.

SW: 64kg (27 April 2011)
CW: 61kg (22 Aug 2011)

61kg+ toned
New gym gear - techno socks and bra
New runners
Head-to-Toe massage and sauna
New one-piece and boardies

GW: ~56-58kg + toned
$200 on ASOS or Forever21 etc. This number is within the ideal BMI weight range, plus taking into account my small frame (thanks mum!)

No thinspo/pro-ana/ED here please!

I love my food, so reading about how much other people DON'T eat doesn't help you or me.

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left


When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left

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